House Rules

  1. All games are table stakes however no cash may play. Chips must be purchased and on the table, clearly visible before the hand starts to be in play during that hand.
  2. Any chips on the table that is in play must remain in play until that player cashes out.
  3. No loaning of money or chips in the middle of the hand. Any loans between players cannot be from chips in play. The house will not be responsible for acknowledging loans.
  4. No “light” bets but a player can declare “all in” if he/she does not have a full bet or raise in front of him/her. He/she will still receive all his/her cards and can win an amount proportional to his/her bet from each player in the pot at that time.
  5. Three raise limit unless there are only two players at the beginning of the betting round. Then there is no limit on raises.
  6. All bet and folds must be in turn.
  7. All bets should be placed in front of the cards and will be verified by the dealer. “Splashing the pot” is not allowed.
  8. Players must declare their intentions. A raise must be declared before the chips are released in the betting area or a call is assumed. The placing of an amount that would legally constitute a raise will be considered a raise. Forward motion, without a declaration, will be considered an intention to call.
  9.  A player may make change from his/her bet only. All other change will be made by the dealer.
  10. All pots will be awarded by the dealer.
  11. No pot will be paid unless the entire hand is face up on the table. If the winning hand’s action was not called, it is not necessary to show the hand.
  12. Players are responsible for protecting their cards.
  13. Players must keep cards over the table in plain view.
  14. Players will not expose cards or hands or otherwise indicate the contents of folded cards while a hand is in progress.
  15. One player per hand until all betting is complete. Players cannot call out the contents of a hand unless it is face up on the table.
  16. No communication in a foreign language is allowed while a hand is in progress.
  17. Players acting in collusion will be asked to leave.
  18. Players who intentionally throw, rip, mark or otherwise damage or deface cards will be asked to leave.
  19. Any player caught cheating will be asked to leave without any of the money that was in play. That money shall be divided among the players at the table and any pot in progress will be split among players remaining in the pot.
  20. No foul or abusive language, improper conduct or lewd behavior will be tolerated.
  21. Any player who leaves his/her seat for more than 30 minutes, without permission from a floor supervisor, while other players are waiting to play shall forfeit that seat and that player must talk to the floor supervisor to be put on the waiting list to play.
  22. If cards are shown to one person, they must be shown to everyone, regardless if they are in hand, and played face up.
  23. Disputes shall be settled by the floor supervisor. Decisions will be made in the most fair and consistent manner possible.
  24. Check and raise is allowed.
  25. We do not use props or shills in our poker room.
  26. All management decisions are final.