Sundays, Tuesdays, & Thursdays 7:00 AM - 11:30 PM

Battleship is back with Bigger Prizes! More chances to get a hit!

Strategize correctly to sink all 8 ships and you could win up to $500 Free Play!
Come in every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday in September to play Battleship on any Player Rewards kiosk. Get rewarded for a hit or sinking a ship, or get an extra bonus for sinking the entire
8 ship fleet. Limit of one prize per play. Receive 1 play of 5 free shots each day. Plus, earn an additional play for every 200 points earned (max of 3 times total) per day.

Free Play expires 7 days after it is awarded.
Tap 5 squares after your selection, press launch if squares are not selected within 30 seconds, auto fire will choose for you Strategize your plays to earn:

 $2 Illinois lottery ticket for a Hit OR $10 - $40 Free Play for sinking a ship OR $300 Free Play for sinking the entire fleet of 8 ships